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Then what does ClickFlare do?

Intuitive Interface

I bet you don’t want to waste (or have) time to learn another system. ClickFlare has a straight-forward interface that helps you get things done. So, no need to wonder around on finding what you need.

In case you need it right, we have prepared a pretty detailed knowledge base to get you going.

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Multiple Campaign Transition Paths

Besides supporting traditional simple campaign flows where you can direct-link an offer, run a lander/offer combo with specific rotation weights for split-testing, etc.

You can also easily run listicles or conditional-based campaign flows, where you can use any tracking metric as a filtering/routing condition for your campaigns. I’m sure advanced media buying nerds know what I’m talking about ;)

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Conversion API

Although server-to-server postbacks is still the most preferred way affiliates like to keep track of their conversions, Conversion API nowadays has become an industry standard. Using ClickFlare you won’t need to run over complex setups to feed the right information to your preferred traffic sources. Connect your Facebook and GoogleAds accounts now to start feeding rich data conversions to your accounts. More ad networks to come…

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Integrated Cost Tracking

While you can use legacy cost tracking methods like CPM, CPC, CPA or RevShare, with ClickFlare you can get accurate automated cost tracking via API.

Currently supporting Facebook, Tiktok, Taboola, Outbrain and RevContent. More networks to come…

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No Maintenance Headaches

ClickFlare is a cloud-based tracker which means no single point of failure like when using self-hosted trackers. Plus, there’s no need to waste time and money on maintaining and implementing the latest security patches to your servers.

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Tracking Modes

Choose the redirect transition mode you like. Use 302 / Meta Refresh / Double Meta Refresh, or either go for Direct Tracking to handle all weird requirements from strict traffic sources that don’t like redirects.

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But it seems like ClickFlare does the same things that other trackers do. Why should I switch to ClickFlare?

Well... we’re not done yet with going through all the cool features and functionalities ClickFlare comes with right out of the box!

Universal Tracking Tag

Unlike any other trackers, ClickFlare comes with a unique Tag Management functionality that makes ClickFlare the first and only platform agnostic tracking platform in the world. The perfect addon for advanced tracking capabilities.

Just imagine what you can do with this functionality only!

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Besides all the above, here are three more reasons why you should switch to ClickFlare.

Reason 1:

Integrated Revenue Streams

If you are working with any of the following monetization networks then you MUST USE ClickFlare.

Have your Tonic, System1, Sedo and DomainActive revenue automatically pulled in ClickFlare – including both intraday and confirmed revenue.

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Reason 2:

Native Integration with TheOptimizer

We are strong believers that automation is the future. As you scale you need to automate your campaigns optimization therefore ClickFlare was projected to work hand-in-hand with TheOptimizer and provide unbeatable automation capabilities.

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Reason 3:

Tracking That Never Breaks!

As bold as this may sound, it is true! ClickFlare’s servers will never break or stop handling and tracking your traffic. Unless half of the internet is down!

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